Community and Industry Liaison

Community and Industry Liaison

Community and Industry Liaison

Université Sainte-Anne’s roots in five regions of Nova Scotia make it a preferred institution for conducting research in collaboration with community and industry partners. The liaison department facilitates research and innovation-related relationships between Université Sainte-Anne’s professors and researchers, government agencies, non-profit organizations, industry associations and private companies.

The liaison department offers various types of partnerships

  • Basic research contracts
  • Applied research contracts
  • Technical service agreements
  • Rental of spaces and specialized research equipment

In addition to facilitating relationships between community and industry partners, Université Sainte-Anne’s liaison department supports their efforts to obtain research and development project financing. Contact us to learn more about available financing programs!

Lobster Quality Research & Innovation Centre

In partnership with the Nova Scotia Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture, the Université Sainte-Anne will establish a Lobster Quality Research & Innovation Centre to improve the innovation capacity for the lobster industry in Nova Scotia. Under the provincial Department’s Building Tomorrow Fund, a total of $2.5M will be invested in the project over a 3-year period.

An important component of this investment will be directed for the construction of new infrastructures at the Université Sainte-Anne’s main campus in Church Point and the recruitment of a world-class lobster biology researcher. Altogether, these infrastructures will increase the capability of undertaking cutting-edge research for the lobster industry as well as the training and retention of highly skilled professionals for the region.

Additionally, as part of the Lobster Quality Research & Innovation Centre, the Université Sainte-Anne’s Marine Research Centre, located in Cape Breton, will continue to work alongside the lobster industry by offering it customized training and ensuring continuous communication. The Marine Research Centre will also remain a resource for individual industry partners seeking the development of specialized innovations.

The key role of the Lobster Quality Research & Innovation Centre will be to foster excellence in applied research on lobster, strengthening its recognized importance for the Province of Nova Scotia as a sustainable renewable natural resource in domestic and international markets. Informed and guided by an Advisory Committee, the Centre will focus its research program on live lobster quality, handling and holding practices, storage and shipping, and new technologies for grading.



"Before D’Eon Oyster Company explores new possibilities, we work with/alongside Valerie and her team at University Sainte-Anne. This step alone takes all guess work out of the equation and lets us know whether its feasible to move forward. They're efficient with their methods and always have a timely report. Working with them has been a great collaboration between industry and academia."

Nolan d’Eon, owner of D'Eon Oyster Company Ltd.

Université Sainte-Anne belongs to networks in Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada that support partnerships in applied research: