French as a Second Language: Full-Time Intensive Group Programs in Charlottetown

These 5-week programs are specially designed to improve and develop the French language proficiency of participants and are offered full-time on campus, Monday to Friday, 8:15AM to 3:30PM.

Students receive six hours of course instruction daily and are granted a certificate upon satisfactory completion of every 5-week program. Beginner, intermediate and advanced courses are offered. Students will be tested prior to their entry into the program.


Intensive+ offers an additional one-hour, one-on-one tutoring session every day (from 3:30PM to 4:30PM)


Spring/Summer 2019

  • April 29 to May 31
  • June 3 to July 5
  • July 8 to August 9
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Fall 2019

  • September 9 to October 11
  • October 14 to November 15
  • November 18 to December 20
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Winter 2020

  • January 6 to February 7
  • February 10 to March 13
  • March 16 to April 17
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