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Laboratory of Early Childhood Studies

Laboratory of Early Childhood Studies

Laboratory of Early Childhood Studies


Our mission is to produce and translate new scientific information into best practices that support child wellbeing from early childhood through to adolescence.

As researchers and students, we are sensitive to children’s unique strengths and challenges and acknowledge the key role that environments (home, school, neighbourhood, cultural) play in shaping healthy development. In line with this perspective, the laboratory seeks to work with parents, professionals, and community organizations to help ensure that each child has the opportunity to meet their full potential.

Affiliated Researchers


  • Rachelle Wakeham Lewis, Research Coordinator
  • Marie-Claude Robichaud, Research Professional

Current projects 

Research Areas

  • School readiness and academic adjustment
  • Child screen time and media use
  • Physical activity and obesity prevention
  • Student-child relationship quality
  • Child temperament and behavioral and emotional problems