Actualités - Conférences

  • Conference: Data analytics tools available for everyone

    Church Point, NS, March 9th, 2017 – The Laboratory for Innovation in Science and Industry (LISI) at Université Sainte-Anne invites you to a conference delivered by Daniel L. Silver and Christian Fray from the Acadia Institute for Data Analytics.

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  • Anthropologist Michel Bouchard presents the next CRÉAcT workshop

    Church Point, NS, February 27, 2017 - The Canada Research Chair in Acadian and Transnational Studies (CRÉAcT) at Université Sainte-Anne, Clint Bruce, invites you to the second workshop of the CRÉAcT's series of Master Classes for 2016-2017, presented by Michel Bouchard, Chair of the Department of Anthropology at the University of Northern British Columbia. Dr. Bouchard recently co-authored the book Songs upon the Rivers: The Buried History of the French-Speaking Canadiens and Métis from the Great Lakes and the Mississippi across to the Pacific (Baraka Book, 2016).

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  • Professor Stephen T. Ellenbogen to give two conferences

    Church Point, NS, February 21, 2017 – The Departments of Social sciences, Science, and Education at Université Sainte-Anne, in collaboration with the Dalhousie School of Nursing - Yarmouth Campus, will present two lectures by Stephen T. Ellenbogen. The presentations will focus on shame among children who are victims of family violence and community-university partnerships to promote the well-being of youth.

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  • Louisiana scholar Barry Jean Ancelet to kick off workshop series at Université Sainte-Anne

    Church Point, NS, October 4, 2016 – The Canada Research Chair in Acadian and Transnational studies at Université Sainte-Anne invites you to CRÉAcT’s first workshop series of 2016-2017, delivered by Barry Jean Ancelet.

    The format of these workshops aims to encourage interaction between the guest researcher and the public. « It’s a class more than a conference – and everyone is invited », explains Professor Clint Bruce, Canada Research Chair in Acadian and Transnational studies. « Knowing the captivating approach of Barry Ancelet, as well as his long-time connection to Acadie and Nova Scotia, he was a logical choice to launch this event. »

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