Press release - Disciplinary measures taken in response to recent events

Press release - Disciplinary measures taken in response to recent events

Disciplinary measures taken in response to recent events

Church Point (NS), September 11, 2020 -  In light of recent events, Université Sainte-Anne’s disciplinary committee met to determine if the actions of a student should be considered unacceptable behaviour according to Public Health’s directives, as well as Université Sainte-Anne's COVID-19 Code of Conduct and Student Code of Conduct.

Following the disciplinary process, Université Sainte-Anne has expelled the student in question at the end of their isolation period.

Committee members noted numerous infractions. First, failure to follow Public Health’s directives as well as Université Sainte-Anne’s COVID-19 Code of Conduct, which require a mandatory 14-day isolation period for everyone arriving from outside the Atlantic provinces. Public Health’s investigation revealed that the student did not properly self-isolate.

Second, Université Sainte-Anne’s Student Code of Conduct states that it is prohibited to create a situation that can endanger the health and security of others, or to provide false information to anyone concerning a student’s status or their Université Sainte-Anne academic record.

Université Sainte-Anne wishes to remind everyone that we are experiencing a time of crisis. There are numerous stress factors, and everyone reacts differently to triggering events. We can all actively choose to be understanding and compassionate in these challenging times.

We must commit to making a collective effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19. That means strictly adhering to Public Health orders and directives - practising good hand washing and other hygiene steps, maintaining a physical distance when and where required – and we will get through this.

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