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After several years of task force reports and recommendations to deal with the quality of lobster that was being harvested, stored, and shipped, the time has come for a collaborative partnership of academics, industry and governments to address the situation. In fact, lobster quality has generally been deteriorating throughout Nova Scotia waters since before 2014.

We do not seek to "solve" the issue, or to attribute water temperatures or ecosystem quality to the "cause". Instead, we seek to adapt lobster harvests and lobster product to ways and means of dealing with the changes we see. All that toward enhancing value for Nova Scotia harvesters, processors, exporters, and consumers. We can do this by working together.

Our Mandate


Developing an advanced applied and continuing research program into the determinants of lobster quality for the global marketplace.


Providing lobster handling and holding state-of-the-art accredited training programs on behalf of the Province of Nova Scotia.


Supporting the recognition of the Nova Scotia Seafood Brand for lobster exporters through training, auditing, and certification of the Nova Scotia Seafood Brand.


Our Values

The LQC builds on the industry-leading work and reputation of the Université Sainte-Anne’s Marine Research Centre and the new Lobster Quality Laboratory at the Pointe-de-l’Église Main Campus by providing resources and capacity for R&D driven innovation in the lobster industry and improved industry engagement in live lobster quality issues for Nova Scotia

Les valeurs du Centre sont exprimées par nos caractéristiques fondamentales :

The Centre’s values are expressed by our fundamental features:

  • We are Nova Scotians – The Centre is committed to value enhancement in the lobster fishery for all Nova Scotians and public outreach to communicate the Centre’s collaborative work..
  • We are global – The Centre reaches out to the global marketplace as #1 producer of quality Nova Scotia lobster.
  • We are inclusive – The Centre welcomes the communication, engagement, and collaboration of all lobster industry partner organizations including non-native and First Nation commercial fishermen, processors, retailers and exporters of the Nova Scotia Brand toward achieving its mission of better quality lobster product.
  • We are applied – The Centre carries out applied research in a unique partnership among researchers, industry collaborators, and federal and provincial government agencies toward value enhancement of Nova Scotia lobster in the global market.

Our Strategies

The Centre’s mandate is carried out through the Université Sainte-Anne’s existing laboratory facilities of the Marine Research Centre (MRC) at the Petit-de-Grat Campus and the new Lobster Quality Laboratory at the Pointe-de-l’Église Main Campus. Other facilities involved in the execution of the Centre’s mandate include collaborators’ harvesting vessels, as well as company storage and processing locations.

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