Ropes on lobster traps
Ropes on lobster traps
Lobster Quality Centre


The objective of the LQRIC is to enhance sustainable value-added in Nova Scotia’s lucrative lobster industry via 3 central strategies:

  • Research: Developing an advanced applied and continuing research program into the determinants of lobster quality for the global marketplace.
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  • Training: Providing lobster handling and holding state-of-the-art accredited training programs.
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  • Branding: Supporting the recognition of the Nova Scotia Seafood Brand for lobster exporters through training, auditing, and certification.
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  • Lobster preseason and in-season longitudinal sampling for biological characteristics including quality
  • Data analysis of lobster sampling programs
  • Modelling of lobster industry decision making re location and timing of harvests for improved quality
  • Best practices for traditional supply chain processes, e.g., handling, storage, and air freight
  • Descriptive modelling of the dynamics of the Nova Scotia lobster sector
  • Submissions of applications to encourage applied lobster research and the ongoing development of young researchers through funding opportunities

Research Projects


  • Development and delivery of commercial lobster handling and holding courses for harvesters, processors, buyers, and exporters
  • Accreditation of the NSDFA mandated training program
  • Development of mixed media platforms for presentation of accredited lobster handling and holding courses for restaurants, shippers, and other lobster clients

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  • Development and delivery of commercial lobster handling and holding training courses for buyers-exporters as required for the Nova Scotia Seafood Brand certification
  • Assisting lobster exporters in preparing for audits of facilities for Nova Scotia Seafood Brand certification approvals

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