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Marine Research Centre

The Marine Research Centre at Université Sainte-Anne aims to ensure the survival and sustainability of marine industries in rural communities through research, innovation and education.

The centre offers several resources to work with industry, including improving current practices and exploring the development of new species.

Michelle Theriault Director

Homard bleu

Lobster Quality Laboratory

The Lobster Quality Laboratory, located at the main campus in Church Point, is exclusively dedicated at understanding and improving the quality of live lobster.

The facility is still under construction, more information to follow soon.

Daniel Lane, LQRIC Interim Director

Une technicienne travaille un équipement de laboratoire

Laboratory for innovation in Science and Industry

The Laboratory for Innovation in Science and Industry (LISI) is a non-profit laboratory dedicated to research, development, and innovation.

By offering a scientific and technological innovation infrastructure, the LISI supports collaborative work and partnerships between industry and Université Sainte-Anne’s students, researchers, and staff.

Mohammadi Kaouass, Director