• Sports Centre

Sports Centre

A modernised setting offering a wide range of sports and physical activities, Université Sainte-Anne’s Sports Centre offers students, the university community and the region’s population programs centred on adopting healthy living habits and respecting sports-related values, all in a welcoming environment. It contributes significantly to the vitality of our community, as well as to Université Sainte-Anne’s influence and reputation.

With its cardio-training room, weight room, swimming pool, skating rink and outdoor facilities (beach volleyball, tennis, etc.), the Sports Centre offers varied high-quality sports programs across a wide range of activities. As the location for several sporting and large-scale events, the Sports Centre is the region’s sports nexus and an important meeting place for students, the university community and the regional community at large.

The Sports Centre is also the home of Université Sainte-Anne’s DRAGONS and the place where our athletes can access all the required equipment and expertise to ensure their optimal development.

Hours of operation

  • Every day from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Become a member of the Sports Centre

Senior (55 and over) /

  • 1 month: $53
  • 3 months: $146
  • 6 months: $203
  • 12 months: $312
  • * Free for Université Sainte-Anne students (membership is included in student fees).

(19 to 54)

  • 1 month: $63
  • 3 months: $179
  • 6 months: $261
  • 12 months: $434

Immediate Family
4 people of the same immediate family

  • 1 month: $94
  • 3 months: $261
  • 6 months: $376
  • 12 months: $608

Let's Talk!

Beni Jean Paul Mukobo
Adjoint au directeur des sports et du Centre sportif