Two students training in the cardio room
Two students training in the cardio room

Université Sainte-Anne recently modernised its facilities to equip the Sports Centre with a first-class cardio-training room. The gymnasium’s mezzanine level is now reserved for cardio-vascular machines, including several Precor-brand treadmills, elliptical trainers and stair climbers. You will also find conventional stationary and electronic cycles.

The other half of the room is open and is reserved for open training sessions, such as exercises involving aerobics or free weights, yoga or stretching. Floor mats, free weights, resistance bands and stability balls are placed at the users’ disposal.

Equipment List

  • 5 treadmills
  • 1 elliptical trainer
  • 2 adaptive motion trainers
  • 1 stationary bicycle
  • 1 stationary recumbent bike
  • Spin bike
  • Rower (Concept 2)
  • Free weights: 2 lbs, 5 lbs, 7 lbs, 10 lbs and 15 lbs


  1. Respect other patrons, staff, and the facility.
  2. No outdoor footwear.
  3. Use all equipment with care.
  4. After use, it is mandatory to clean the equipment using the towels provided for this purpose.
  5. Wear appropriate clean sports clothing.
  6. Playing music through an external speaker is prohibited. Only personal headphones are allowed.
  7. Use of the cardio equipment (treadmills, rowing machine, stationary bike, etc.) is limited to 30 minutes per person when another patron is waiting.
  8. Upon completion of your training session, return all equipment to their designated spaces.
  9. Borrowing any item belonging to the cardio room is prohibited.
  10. To provide an odour-free environment, patrons are prohibited from wearing strong scents.
  11. The room is reserved for individuals aged 16 years and older.

Improper use of the equipment may result in serious injury.