Professional interpreters must continually improve their skills and knowledge. Our 10-week, 40-hour course covers the medical domain.

  • This course is open to those looking for training and enhanced skill development in the field.
  • Our program Foundations in Dialogue Interpreting is the prerequisite for this course.
  • Previous students at Sainte-Anne, those aged 60 and older, and members of our partners -the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Nova Scotia, Access Language Services; Alliance Française Halifax; Réseau Santé Nouvelle-Écosse; Régie de la santé de la Nouvelle-Écosse; Consortium national de formations en santé; l’Association des juristes d’expression française de la Nouvelle-Écosse - receive a 10 per cent discount.
  • Learn online via Microsoft Teams.
  • Earn a professional accreditation in your field from one of Canada’s most prestigious French Language Universities.

The Foundations in Dialogue Interpreting course was offered twice in 2021 with instructor Jeff Staflund, Chief Interpreter with the Government of New Brunswick from 2013-18 and a federally certified conference interpreter (English booth) since 2010. Staflund developed a program from A-Z with input from ATINS members for the base course in Interpretation, then created a Medical course in 2022.

Staflund, who describes himself as a lifelong student, is based in Winnipeg and has been working in the language profession for more than 25 years. A teacher, translator and interpreter, he holds a doctorate in education with a specialization in training interpreters.

Jeff Staflund - Teacher/Developer of course content

Jeff Staflund

Building on the skills and knowledge developed in the Foundations course, this module draws heavily on international standard ISO 21988 (Interpreting services – Healthcare interpreting – Requirements and recommendations) to fine-tune students’ understanding of the important work performed by interpreters in the medical setting. Through presentations, articles, discussions, assignments and loads of practical exercises, participants gain a solid understanding of the role of the medical interpreter in the Canadian context, learn common expressions and terms used by Acadians in Nova Scotia, and build their medical vocabulary. Exercises in simultaneous interpreting are also introduced. As in the Foundations course, this module has something for everyone, from novice to seasoned interpreter.


This practical 10-week program covers the essentials for interpreters working in the medical field. The course is offered online using the Microsoft Teams platform. Forty hours are devoted to classroom work, but a student may spend 20-30 hours on individual work. Lectures are supplemented by discussions, assignments, a component on industry ethics as well as role play and simulations based on realistic situations.

Next session, registration and deadlines

Next course: April 23 to June 28, 2024
Registration: March 11 to April 18, 2024

Assessments can be made throughout the year.

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


The cost of registration is $545.

Students who have already taken a course with Sainte-Anne; those 60 years of age or older; and members of our partners – the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Nova Scotia (ATINS), Access Language Services, and Alliance Française Halifax; Réseau Santé Nouvelle-Écosse; the Nova Scotia Health Authority; the Consortium national de formations en santé; l’Association des juristes d’expression française de la Nouvelle-Écosse - receive a 10 per cent discount and would pay $490 rather than $545.

Each student will require two textbooks for the course, a vocabulary booklet which will be provided through the cooperation of Réseau Santé Nouvelle-Écosse, and another booklet in medical interpretation, which will cost a maximum of $75.

Eligibility and Prerequisites

Our Foundations in Dialogue Interpreting program is the prerequisite for this course. The Interpreting program itself is open to interpreters or those seeking additional training in the field.

Completion Requirements

To successfully complete the course and receive a micro-certification and digital badge, a minimum average of 70 per cent is required. The final grade will be based on assignments, lectures, role plays and simulations as well as regular attendance. After two absences, one point will be deducted for each class missed, therefore, attendance is crucial.

Make-Up Dates

If a class must be cancelled, a make-up session will be held. Students will be consulted and informed in advance to determine an alternate date.

Other courses or sessions?

The Foundations in Dialogue Interpreting core course is the prerequisite for the medical course, as well as for a course in Legal and Court Interpretating.