Université Sainte-Anne, the only French language post-secondary institution in Nova Scotia, offers university and college-level courses as well as a French immersion program and customized training in French as a second language.

Recognized for its excellent programs as well as its unique and exceptional living environment, Sainte-Anne offers experiential learning opportunities that promote student engagement and success, and an atmosphere which encourages a culture of excellence in research and development. Solidly established in its community, Université Sainte-Anne is a partner of choice for all those who wish to strengthen the vitality of the regions surrounding its 5 campuses as well as all of Acadie throughout Nova Scotia.


A flagship institution for francophone Canada in Nova Scotia, Université Sainte-Anne is recognized for the excellence of its education and research programs, as well as its welcoming environment. It is an institution that is open to the world, but has successfully retained its human scale and provides a unique living environment within an exceptional cultural experience.


Rooted in Nova Scotia’s Acadian community1, Université Sainte-Anne is focused on creating and mobilizing knowledge through a distinctive and individualized approach. It is proud of its francophone identity and provides a unique opportunity for learning, research, innovation, and growth in French.

1 The Acadian community of Nova Scotia includes all individuals, organizations, and institutions working to encourage and develop the French language, the francophone culture, and the Acadian and francophone communities in Nova Scotia (including Acadians, other francophones, anglophones, and allophones).


  • The Acadian Identity and Culture: a historical and cultural connection to Acadie and Francophonie.
  • Knowledge and Innovation: rigour and performance in the renewal of knowledge, programming, services, and practices.
  • The French Language: a requirement of high-level proficiency in the use and mastery of French.
  • Openness to Diversity: an attitude of inclusiveness, respect, curiosity, and understanding towards others.
  • Quality of Life and the Environment: a stimulating setting to study and work, in a friendly atmosphere that is respectful of the environment.
  • Collaboration: a commitment by members of the university community and its partners to work together to achieve shared goals.

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Des panneaux solaires sur le campus de Pointe-de-l'Église

Our Green Committment

Several concrete initiatives have been undertaken over the last few years to enrich the quality of the environment in which our staff, students, partners, and community members evolve.

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