The beginning of a child’s post-secondary education is an important step in parents’ lives. For many, the moment represents their child’s movement towards adulthood. You have likely noticed the eagerness of your child to start their professional path. For some parents, this new stage can be stressful and Université Sainte-Anne has prepared this document to help you through this process.

The first year of study

Your child’s first year of postsecondary studies will be full of new experiences and discoveries. For most parents, the start of studies at Université Sainte-Anne means their child will move away from home for the first time. While this can be difficult at first, this time allows them to discover new skills and to begin their career development.

As you have noticed, Université Sainte-Anne distinguishes itself from other postsecondary institutions by the small size of its campus and the friendliness of its students and professors. Sainte-Anne’s dynamic student life and spirit of camaraderie help new students to quickly feel included.

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Student life can be expensive. This is why we offer new students a generous scholarship system of academic and non-academic scholarships and bursaries. Once they have begun their studies, students are advised to develop a budget (income and expenditures) for their studies to minimise their level of student debt.

Residence Life

Université Sainte-Anne has a total of 300 beds in ten residences available to full-time students. Each residence has its own style, personality, and traditions. The prevailing friendly and warm atmosphere makes living in residence an integral part of the university experience. Each residence has a dynamic Residence Animator who is responsible for the well-being of your child.

The First Year

The first year of university is a period of transition and adaptation. With that in mind, the first year of a university program consists of general courses that allow students to gain knowledge in a range of subjects. It is therefore completely normal if your child is not entirely sure of their choice of program. The path taken in first year allows students a certain level of flexibility in regards to their program choice for future years.


Because of Sainte-Anne's rural setting, we provide students a range of on-campus activities including: workshops, humanitarian trips, concerts, exhibitions, sports, recreational activities, student associations, and much more. Studies are important, however, so too is your child’s involvement in extracurricular activities that will help them to develop new skills and become part of the university community.

Education and Academic Performance

Our professors care about your child’s academic success. Class size at Sainte-Anne allows for high-quality and personalised instruction. Students find it extremely easy to talk to professors and to actively participate in classroom discussions. At Sainte-Anne, the staff know your child by their name and not by their student number, which creates a friendly and inclusive environment. When studying, hard work and perseverance are generally the keys to success. However, good time management skills are also important to the academic and social success of your child. For students who requires extra support, Université Sainte-Anne has recently opened a new Academic Support Centre.