Future students

Future students

Future students

The Sainte-Anne Edge:

  1. Stand out in the crowd! Study in French and discover exciting bilingual career opportunities.
  2. Postsecondary education on a human scale where students and professors know each other by their first names.
  3. Get involved in life on campus and make a real difference to your university community.
  4. Our student athletes are never stuck on the sidelines. Join a team and start playing in your first year!
  5. Fast-track to careers! Benefit from Fast-track to careers! Benefit from the best job placement in Canada. Ask your enrolment advisor about reserved seats in medicine!
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Nos cinq campus

Our main campus in Church Point is located on the shores of Baie Sainte-Marie, in the heart of Nova Scotia’s largest Acadian region. It welcomes part-time and full-time students from across Canada and around the world.

The only French-language postsecondary institution in Nova Scotia, Université Sainte-Anne is known for it’s personalized approach and beautiful seaside campus.

A professor with students in a classroom
Study in French!

Integrated French Immersion Program

At Sainte-Anne you can earn a degree and perfect your French at the same time. The Integrated French Immersion Option allows you to count French credits towards your degree and graduate with no delay. This option is available in almost all of our programs.

How does it work?

  • If you have an intermediate level of French (about DELF levels B1 or B2), you can register into any qualifying program. If you’re a beginner, ask your enrolment advisor about our Spring and Summer French Immersion sessions, where you can improve your French and earn university credits.
  • You could qualify to receive a scholarship of at least $3000 for choosing to study in French (see below).
  • While completing your chosen program, you will take courses specifically designed to improve your French. These courses are credited towards your degree, and don’t add any additional time to your program.
  • You’ll live in a French-only residence (trust us, it’s the best way to learn), where you’ll meet francophone friends who will help you pick up informal, everyday uses for your new language skills.
  • Once you graduate, we guarantee you’ll get a job.

Did you know?

  • Other than English, French is the only language widely spoken and taught on all five continents.
  • In the last five years, 43% of Canadian federal public service positions were bilingual.
  • 95% of Canadians agree that speaking both French and English is an advantage on the job market.


English-speaking Canadians enrolled in the first year of a college or university program at Université Sainte-Anne now have the opportunity to receive a $3,000 bursary to perfect their bilingualism.

It’s rewarding to be bilingual!

"I enjoyed discovering the Acadian culture, talking to people in the community and having new experiences, all in French."

Kelsey Monsen

To receive a bursary for postsecondary studies in French as a second language, one must:

  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada;
  • Have English as the first official language spoken;
  • Study full time in a Canadian institution during the current year;
  • Have completed their secondary school studies in an English-language institution and graduated from this institution;
  • Have reached the postsecondary level of education;
  • Be enrolled in the first year of a postsecondary study program in French;
  • Be at least 17 years old on the first day of class;
  • Demonstrate that they have sufficient knowledge of French to be able to study in that language. A transcript, attesting to having taken courses in French at the secondary school or college or university level in Canada for a minimum of two years, will be required;
  • Intend to pursue full-time studies in a college or undergraduate university program in Canada, to take at least 50% of their courses and participate in related activities (placements and training activities in the community) in French.

Note: Special consideration will be given to students facing financial challenges and those who come from under-represented groups.

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Université Sainte-Anne

Spotlight on…
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education

The Bachelor of Education is covered by the Guaranteed Employment Policy!

French Immersion programs are more popular than ever!

Our five-year concurrent Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education program, combined with our Integrated French Immersion Option, allows you to improve your French and gives you the tools you need to be ready for today’s classroom.

There’s no better way to gain confidence in your second language than by living and studying in a French environment.

Once you’ve completed the program, you can teach at the primary or secondary level in French immersion schools and programs or in core French programs. French teachers have never been in higher demand, and our program’s reputation proceeds you — many of our graduates secure teaching contracts before the end of their studies!

High school average85%
(5 courses per semester)
Books and Other fees $1,300
Residence and Meals
(Normande residence, single room)
Merit Scholarship
- $3,000
Leadership Bursary - Athlete
- $4,500
Heritage Bursary
- $2,000
ACUFC Bursary
- $3,000
Total for first year $6,554
“I really have a sense of belonging at Université Sainte-Anne. Every person, every staff member, every member of the community asks for and remembers my name. It’s incredible to see how being in a small class makes it easier for me to participate, because I can contribute to in-class discussions without any difficulty.”
Adrien Boudreau (Halifax, N.S.)
Baccalauréat ès sciences/Baccalauréat en éducation
Adrien Boudreau, étudiant en Baccalauréat ès sciences/Baccalauréat en éducation
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What's the #1 thing our student say about Sainte-Anne? That they feel at home and like part of a family.Come find your new chez toi!

Students making a meal in a residence kitchenette
A You-Sized Campus

Life in Residence

Campus life is an integral part of the university experience. That’s why we’re investing heavily in upgrades to our residences, sports centre, library, and student centre.

With a room in residence, you’ll be in the heart of social life on campus, right next door to your classes, and just a short walk from the shores of the beautiful Baie Sainte-Marie.

Residence Placement Guaranteed!

Discover a you-sized campus

Home of the DRAGONS!

Our DRAGONS are members of the Atlantic Colleges Athletic Association (ACAA) and the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA). They compete in inter-university matches in volleyball, cross-country, and badminton.

Other competitive sports clubs include Women’s Rugby, Men’s and Women’s Hockey, and Co-Ed Soccer. Intramurals in various sports and other activities are held regularly.

Our sports centre has recently undergone extensive renovations in order to modernise the weight room (with new equipment), and add a new cardio room. Our semi-olympic pool and rink were also renovated, and we added new outdoor tennis and basketball courts!

Take advantage of on-campus activities, including hiking with friends in the Petit bois (little wood), yoga classes, and games nights at the student café.

“Being a student athlete gives you so many opportunities to improve as a person and to make new friends. During the two years that I’ve played for the Dragons, I’ve met incredible people and I’ve made friendships that will last a long, long time.”
Trevor Melanson (Meteghan River, N.S.)
Bachelor of Science
Men’s Recruit of the Year (2019)
Student Honour Roll (2020)
Trevor Melanson, recrue masculine de l'année (2019)
Deux étudiantes marchent au bord de la mer
Your Career Starts Here.


1 Find your program and verify the admissions requirements.
2 Learn about scholarships and submit any application forms that may be required.
3 Submit the application form
Questions? Write to
4 Get a call from François!
You will receive a telephone call from the director of our French Immersion Department, François, to determine your level of spoken French.
5 Check your email!
You will receive an email concerning you admissibility and other documents explaining the next steps (residence application, etc.)
6 Show up on the arrival days!

University Programs

Health Sciences

I chose to study science of health at the Université Sainte-Anne because : I want challenging work and a good salary; Employment prospects are excellent, especially for a professional bilingual; Nova Scotian students have places reserved in medicine and pharmacy in Quebec; I benefit from scholarships and other forms of support for my training.

College Programs

Business Administration 2 HALIFAX
Health Professions
Continuing Care Assistant (CCA) 1 ALL
Occupational Therapist Assistant and Physiotherapist Assistant 2 ONLINE
Practical Nurse (LPN) 2 ALL
Teaching assistant 1 ONLINE
Early Childhood Education 2 EN LIGNE

It’s really special that I was able to study in my small community of Chéticamp, and to now be able to practice healthcare in my home region.

Tracy Roach (Chéticamp, N.S.)
Practical Nurse (LPN) (2019)
Tracy Roach, Soins infirmiers auxiliaires
The faster way to a job!
Yvette LeBlanc, coordonnatrice du Centre d'appui aux études postsecondaires
Your success is our job.

Student Services

Student Support Centre

Sometimes you just need an extra helping hand. Our Student Support Centre offers tutoring in French, English and many other subjects; assistance with research-related tasks such as requesting library resources and properly citing research sources; and accessible learning services.

If you have a diagnosed disability, we may be able to provide you with additional tools and services such as assistance with note-taking and quiet spaces for writing tests. Opportunities for financial aid or grants may also be available.


Our counsellor is available to listen and to help you access resources that suit your needs.

Whatever difficulties you might be facing (depression, homesickness, academic orientation, anxiety, social troubles, addiction, alcoholism, or other mental health issues), we're always available to help find a solution. The counselling service is strictly confidential, and available in English and French.

Cost of a year of university studies

Canadian students
(5 courses per semester)
Residence and Mealsa ± $10,704
Additional Costs ± $1,300
Total $20,369
International Students
(5 courses per semester)
Residence and Mealsa ± $10,704
Additional Costsb ± $1,862
Total $22,715

Check out our fees calculator

Visit the fees calculator to get an even better idea of what a year of university studies will cost you with our interactive calculator. Choose your program, residence choice, and number of courses to see the total cost.*

  • Fees vary depending on the residence. Please refer to the website for more information.
  • A health plan and a dental health plan are mandatory for international students.
  • All shown fees are estimates based on the current academic year (2020-2021). Specific fees vary depending on the program and course load. Other fees may apply. Université Sainte-Anne reserves the right to modify fees without prior notice. Click here for more information.
Dagnaud Building


Canadian University Students (2020-2021)

Bursary NameValue
Merit Scholarships (renewable)
Automatically applied based on your high school average
95% = $5,000
90% = $4,000
85% = $3,000
80% = $2,000
Exceptional Merit Scholarship (renewable)
Offered at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee to exceptional student candidates
All Student Fees
Leadership Bursary - Residence
Demonstrate community of volunteer involvement
± $4,500
Leadership Bursary - Athlete
Demonstrate excellent athletic involvement
± $4,500
Rosalie and Désiré Comeau Bursary
Demonstrate serious financial need
± $3,000
French Second Language Bursary
Offered to first-year students enrolled in university or college programs
French Language Bursary
Offered by Heritage Canada to students who have recently graduated from a Nova Scotia or P.E.I. high school.
Leadership Bursary
Demonstrate community, volunteer or athletic involvement.
Nova Scotia Student Bursary
Offered by the Province of Nova Scotia to residents of Nova Scotia
(per 3-credit course)
Additional Scholarships
Visit the Bursaries page (available in French) to see a list of scholarhips offered by other organisations.

Canadian College Students (2020-2021)

Bursary NameValue
French Second Language Bursary
Offered to first-year students enrolled in university or college programs
French Language Bursary
Offered by Heritage Canada to students who have recently graduated from a Nova Scotia or P.E.I. high school
Rosalie and Désiré Comeau Bursary
Demonstrate serious financial need
± $2,000
Merit Scholarship
Students admitted to a college program. See website for application.

International University Students (2020-2021)

Bursary NameValue
International Bursary
Applications must come from outside Canada and be admitted as full-time university students
(per 3-credit course)
Des étudiants apprécient les feux de camp au coucher du soleil le long de la côte de la baie Sainte-Marie.

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