A teacher in front of a school playground
Durée: 5 years
Campus (première année): Pointe-de-l'Église, Halifax, Tusket, Petit-de-Grat, St-Joseph-du-Moine
Campus: Pointe-de-l'Église
A teacher in front of a school playground

The combined Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education programs begin directly after high school. All applicants must take a placement test to assess their language skills.

In the combined B.A./B.Ed. programs, students start their pedagogical training in their second year of studies, while also taking some B.A. courses.

Of the universities in Nova Scotia offering Bachelor of Education programs, Université Sainte-Anne is the only one to train teachers to teach French as a first language and to grant the specialist diploma in teaching French as a second language.

For complete program details, please consult the program description in French.