Durée: 4 years
Campus (première année): Pointe-de-l'Église, Halifax, Tusket, Petit-de-Grat, St-Joseph-du-Moine
Campus: Pointe-de-l'Église

This program includes a variety of courses through which students will master essential language tools and gain knowledge in French-language literature.

The Bachelor of Arts programs enable students to further their general education through a broad range of courses in languages, sciences, and social sciences.

They allow students to choose the disciplines that suit their interests and needs, while also perfecting their French and English and gaining a sound knowledge of the literature in both these languages. With their qualifications, graduates can either take up graduate studies or enter the job market.

Université Sainte-Anne recognizes the unique difficulties faced by some Acadian and Anglophone students. Students must have some basic French-language skills before starting a university degree program.

Any student whose first language is not French and whose proficiency in that language is less than that required by the University will have to acquire that proficiency in either the university’s French immersion program (spring, summer, or 100-day session) or by other means before enrolling in a university degree program.

For complete program details, please consult the program description in French.