A student in the library
Durée: 4 years
Campus: Pointe-de-l'Église, Halifax, Tusket, Petit-de-Grat, St-Joseph-du-Moine
A student in the library
A partnership between Université Sainte-Anne and Laurentian University.

A rewarding career in social work awaits you!

The Bachelor of Social Work is a specialized program.

  • This is a four-year program.
  • The first year is a preparatory year.
  • The other three years are the professional years.
  • At the end of the preparatory year, students must apply for admission to the professional years.

This program allows students to familiarize themselves with social and social welfare policies and to acquire the basic skills and knowledge necessary for social work.

It prepares students to work in various settings in health and social services, or in other related sectors. The courses specifically address issues related to individual, family, group, and community interventions.

For complete program details, please consult the program description in French.