Student Resources

Centre for Post-Secondary Support (CAEP)

The CAEP provides personalized support structure for postsecondary students in college and university programs. It enables them to develop a spirit of excellence which will contribute to their success throughout their studies and throughout their lives.


The main mission of the library is to serve as support for teaching and learning. It must include access to necessary information resources for students and teachers to find customized information as part of their courses and work.

Accessibility and learning services

At Université Sainte-Anne , we have implemented a program to help students with barriers to learning. This program aims to give students the tools and services they need to help reduce and even eliminate the obstacles they face through their post-secondary education without jeopardizing the integrity of their courses.

Health and Counselling Services

At Université Sainte-Anne, we believe in the importance of total well-being of the person. Our counselor is there to listen and to help you find resources as needed. Whatever difficulty you are facing (depression, mental health, homesickness, academic orientation, anxiety, interpersonal or social relationships, drug addiction, alcoholism ... ), we are at your disposition to try to find a solution. The service is strictly confidential.

On campus Doctor

Une fois par semaine, un docteur vient faire un tour sur campus. Le docteur peut administrer des vaccins, renouveller des prescriptions et vous referer à d'autres professionel de la santé. 

Technological Resources

Nous comptons en effet parmi les institutions d'enseignement postsecondaire canadiennes les plus évoluées dans le domaine de la formation à distance. Les outils que nous avons mis en place nous permettent de pallier aisément aux longues distances géographiques qui séparent nos étudiants de leurs formateurs. Toutes ces technologies servent les mêmes causes: permettre l'apprentissage où que vous soyez et faciliter la communication

Practicum and Placement Office

The internship is a way that allows students to hone their skills in the area of ​​expertise chosen. L'agente des stage is available to meet with students to discuss the type and location of the internship .

The Practicum and Placement Office is located at 206, Gustave-Blanche building


Le campus de Pointe-de-l'Église offre 10 résidences à proximité des salles de classes et de ces services connexes. La vie en résidence joue un grand rôle dans la vie étudiante. C'est l'occasion d'apprendre à vous connaître, de vous lancer des divers projets. 

Campus Bookstore

The campus store is located on the Church Point campus, in the basement of the building Gustave-Blanche.