This course is offered only by the request of an English major intent on moving on to pursue a MA in English or Creative Writing. The student is mentored by a professor of their choosing as the student researches, drafts, and hands in for evaluation a 20- to 40-page thesis paper, prefaced by a short abstract and concluded by a bibliography that lists at least ten sources cited in the paper. In the case of a creative writing-based thesis (i.e., a novella or a short collection of informal essays, stories, or poems), the thesis may be between 15 pages (for poetry) and 60 pages and should offer a prefatory note on its organization, order, and/or thematic coherence.

Note: part of the process includes the application(s) to the Masters program(s); the student must be in her/his fourth year or higher.

  • 6 ANGL 2000 level credits
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