Spring and Summer French Immersion

A Word from the Dean: Dr Jean-Douglas Comeau

spring-and-summer-1-2012-06-06The best and the most fun way to learn a new language is by participating in a total immersion program. There are many reasons why we at Sainte-Anne have the reputation for being the best French immersion program in Canada.

Université Sainte-Anne is one of the smallest universities in Canada. It is situated in rural southwestern Nova Scotia. The surrounding community has a population of 10,000 French-speaking Acadians. The area is known for its natural beauty and especially for its safe environment. Parents can sleep peacefully at night knowing that their sons and daughters are safe on our campus.

Another reason for our success is the fact that we are the only immersion program in Canada where the entire staff lives on campus with the students at all times during the five week program.

Most immersion programs in Canada give warnings to students who are caught speaking a language other than French. We at Sainte-Anne consider the warning system the backbone of our program. After three warnings a student is asked to leave the program.

You learn a language when you are surrounded by people you enjoy being with while doing things you enjoy doing. That is why in our immersion programme 70% of the learning is done outside the classroom in a pleasant and fun environment.

Sainte-Anne's five week immersion program is much more than a language school, it's a life changing experience where you meet people from every province in Canada, over half of the American states, Mexico, Europe, and Africa. It is an educational adventure where having fun is very much part of the learning process.


We also like to stress that this five-week session is not a summer camp. This is a university program where you earn 6 university credits and where our students are treated as mature adults.

Our rural setting, our dedicated staff, our qualified international professors, our exciting socio-cultural activities and our seriousness towards the French-only rule makes Sainte-Anne's an awesome learning experience that produces results.

We invite you to come learn French with us and have the time of your life!

Jean-Douglas Comeau, Ph.D.
Dean, Immersion Schools


Jean-Douglas Comeau
Dean of French Immersion
902-769-2114 #7200