Université Sainte-Anne, with a long history as a major contributor to French language education in Nova Scotia, offers numerous courses in French for adults. Our mission is to help people interested in French, whether for work or leisure, looking to elevate their skills or to establish proficiency.


Our Courses

We offer a variety of options for French language training. Our programs are open to everyone and can be combined to create customized training that mixes the benefits of private tutoring with group training. This allows you to focus on your professional or personal development through French language aptitude in a cost-effective manner.

One-on-One Tutoring

Whether you want to prepare a second language evaluation for the Canadian public service, improve your professional profile or prepare for your next trip to Quebec City or France, contact us! We will design and implement the training that will meet your needs.

Part-Time Courses (CTP)

These part-time courses are offered once a week (or twice a week for accelerated courses) and are a useful way to maintain French language skills or to start learning. Join one of our groups and enjoy a dynamic and interactive learning environment that encourages speaking.

Full-Time Courses (École intensive)

These 5-week programs are specially designed to improve and develop the French language proficiency of participants and are offered full-time, Monday to Friday. If your goal is to learn and improve your French as quickly as possible, this program is for you!


These 11-week programs are specially designed for learners who want to obtain or renew Level B.

Semi-Intensive Level C

These 11-week programs are specially designed for learners who want to obtain or renew Level C.

Conversation Circles

Our conversation circles are designed for student who would like to be able to practice their French conversation skills. A new topic will be taught every week and will help students to improve their confidence speaking French.


Our online courses offered through Microsoft Teams make it easy to learn French from anywhere!

Halifax (NS)

Offered at our Halifax Campus on Spring Garden Road, in-person courses have the advantage of being conveniently located, and provide opporuntities for learners to use their French outside of the formal classroom setting.

St. John's (NL)

Training in St. John's can take place online or at the learner's office.

Courses for Government of Nova Scotia Employees

The Office of Acadian Affairs and Francophonie, with funding from the Canada-N.S. Agreement on French-language services, is covering the 10-week course fee for participants from the Government of Nova Scotia.

Courses for Nova Scotia Teachers

Université Sainte-Anne, in partnership with the Nova Scotia Department of Education and Early Childhood Development and Canadian Heritage, is pleased to offer all teachers with an active Nova Scotia teacher’s license the opportunity to take our non-credit courses free of charge.

Children's Courses with Madame Wafa

Weekly French classes for children offered seasonally throughout the year for children 5 to 10 and youths 11 to 14. Courses are taught by Madame Wafa Elhajj, a mother, grandmother and long-time children’s teacher who instructs adults and newcomers to Canada at Université Sainte-Anne.

Canadian Citizenship Language Evaluation (CLIC)

The CLIC program prepares beginners for the Canadian citizenship language evaluation. This program is funded by Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada and is free of charge for Permanent Residents and people with refugee status. Intake is continuous, so you can register at any time.

Our Team

Erin Whiting

Erin Whiting
Language training manager

Juliette Moncada

Juliette Moncada
Language Training Manager

Nassim Ferkous

Nassim Ferkous
Language Training Manager

Philippe Hougen

Philippe Hougen
Program Coordinator

Souhaël Bouallagui

Souhaël Bouallagui
Director of Customized Training

Sylvie Gobert

Sylvie Gobert
Language Training Manager

Partner with us

We work collaboratively with businesses, associations and groups who want to acquire specific skills with a much shorter time commitment than what a traditional university course can offer. We work with your experts to develop a program to suit your needs, creating a curriculum that meets your team-training goals. A strong pre-knowledge of the French language is a prerequisite we can assess before beginning the process together.

Don't see what you're looking for?

Partner with us to create a customized French Language curriculum to fit your training plan. We work collaboratively with experts across multiple sectors, helping businesses, industry associations and groups build French-language skill sets and meet their multilingual goals.

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We adapt our French Language teaching and course offerings to the needs of our students. It's why Université Sainte-Anne is one of the highest-regarded French as a Second Language institutions nationwide. Contact us today to find out how we can support your professional or personal development in French.