Campus fermé (le 10 décembre 2019)

Le campus de Pointe-de-l'Église est fermé pour la journée en raison de la panne d'électricité. 

French as a second language: PFL-B Online

This course is designed for anyone hoping to acquire new concepts in French or for those whose goal is to obtain a Level B.

The schedule consists of 11 weeks of two of 2.5 hour-sessions, as well as one 35-hour week of intensive training at the end of the session.

Duration: 80 hours in total over 11 weeks
For: Learners who want to obtain or renew a Level B
Cost: $1500 per person

Winter 2020

  • January 13 to March 27
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Spring 2020

  • April 13 to June 26
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Fall 2020

  • September 28 to December 11
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