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Why study in French?

You want to keep your options open! In an increasingly interconnected world, being bilingual opens the door to even more opportunities for travel, work and study. You will be able to explore different cultures and get to know people in another language.

There are many advantages to being bilingual when it comes time to finding employment as well. Did you know that 84% of employers surveyed considered knowledge of both English and French to be an asset or gave preference to English-French bilinguals?1 In addition, many industries require both awareness of cultural diversity and advanced language proficiency in Canada's two official languages. Some examples of such fields include teaching, the RCMP, the civil service, tourism, commerce and airlines.

What are your options?

At Université Sainte-Anne you can earn a degree and learn French at the same time. The Integrated French Immersion Option allows you to count French credits towards your degree and graduate with no delay. This option is available in most of our programs

The Integrated Option is intended for students who already possess a certain level of proficiency (e.g. students with a B1-level DELF diploma and/or students who have taken French Immersion or Intensive French in high school) and who wish to perfect their French. Others have earned diplomas from another university and enrol in this option with the intention of increasing their chances of getting a job in a specific sector (e.g. teaching).

If you only know a little bit of French (or none at all), and want to learn more, we offer credited spring and summer French immersion sessions, as well as year-round French as a second language courses.

What's involved?

Placement Test

To determine the French as a Second Language (FRLS) courses best suited to you level, you will need to write a test. Don't worry about studying! The results of the test allow us to place you into one of two levels (Intermediate or Advanced), with each level representing a semester of study. You will follow five courses per semester – three FRLS and two in your chosen program.


To enable you to graduate with no delay, the French Immersion Option replaces several of your elective courses (the exact number depends on the results of your placement test) with French Immersion credits. The courses you might take include:


You will live in a residence or a section of a residence reserved for Integrated French Immersion Option students. You also have access to the Centre for Post-Secondary Support (CAEP), which provides academic support and resources.


If you complete 15 advanced-level FRLS credits, you will receive a certificate. By improving your French-language skills, you may also prepare to take the B2-level French-language studies (DELF) diploma.

The French-Only Rule

Once you arrive, you must sign a pledge agreeing to speak French at all times during the program. As soon as the pledge is signed, the use of French is mandatory, always. By living, studying, working and playing in French, 24 hours a day, you will develop the confidence and proficiency you need to succeed in whatever French-language endeavours you choose to pursue.

Student Profile: Bailey Ross

Bailey Ross

Being the first in his family to speak both English and French, Bailey hopes to share his passion with his future students, both locally and globally. "I strongly believe access to learning should never be seen as a privilege but instead as a right," explains Bailey. "Over the years I've dedicated my time to volunteering and raising funds to help others. For instance, I was involved in building schools in both Ecuador and Nicaragua. I hope to be able to continue to make a difference both here in Canada and abroad." His family and friends are extremely proud of his accomplishments, even more so the fact that he is fluent in both of Canada's official languages.

How to Apply

The Integrated French Immersion option has only two special admission requirements: you must have an intermediate level of French-language proficiency and you have to want to learn more French! All other admission requirements are determined by your degree program of choice.

Once you've selected a program, head over to our Apply Now page to start your application!


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  1. Students reap the employment benefits of bilingualism through post secondary studies in French – Canadian Parents for French (Accessed April 26, 2017)