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Université Sainte-Anne is beginning a new phase in its existence

In its continuing quest for excellence, our institution has adopted a strategic plan for 2013–2018 that will ensure that it continues to thrive and prosper.

This plan is the outcome of a wide-ranging consultation process. The student population, staff members, alumni, and community and government partners have all joined forces to build a future for our university. Considered a flagship institution for the Acadian community of Nova Scotia, Université Sainte-Anne plays a determining role in the cultural and socioeconomic development of our province. Its specificity and uniqueness do not, however, mean that it is immune from the many challenges ahead.

The demographics of the Acadian and francophone population, the rural-to-urban migration of our youth, the competition with other post-secondary institutions for the recruitment of students, and the current economic situation – affecting the ability of university graduates to find jobs – are all having an impact on our institution. We must, however, remain optimistic and proactive about our university's future.

Université Sainte-Anne has been in existence for more than a century. In 2015, we will celebrate its 125th anniversary. It is an essential institution for the Acadian and francophone population of Nova Scotia, and it is also recognized for the quality and personalized approach of its programs.

Please take some time to familiarize yourself with our 2013–2018 strategic plan. I trust that it will inspire and guide your actions in order to make Université Sainte-Anne the foremost destination for Acadian, francophone, and francophile students.

Allister Surette
President and Vice-Chancellor

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Here are the steps that led to the development and production of Université Sainte-Anne's 2013–2018 strategic plan:

  • The Board of Governors agreed to review its 2008–2013 strategic plan and to develop a new strategic plan for 2013–2018.
  • A working paper was developed and circulated among the university community and our partners.
  • The consultation process involved the university community (Board of Governors, University Senate, professors, the student association AGEUSA) and our partners (over 50 individuals contributed to the process).
  • Following these consultations with the university community and our partners, a draft version of the strategic plan was developed and presented in order to generate more input and feedback.
  • The strategic plan was finalized and presented to the Board of Governors, which gave its approval in principle during its May 2013 meeting.
  • The strategic plan was officially approved by the Board of Governors on September 7, 2013.

"At Université Sainte-Anne, family spirit is very important."

Katherine Pettipas
AGÉUSA President

"Université Sainte-Anne drives the economic, social, and cultural development of our community."

Ronnie LeBlanc
Warden, Municipality of Clare
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Université Sainte-Anne is a flagship institution in francophone Canada, recognized for its excellent programs, its unique and exceptional living environment, and the successes of its graduates



Anchored in Nova Scotia's Acadian community*, focused on community development, and open to the world, Université Sainte-Anne provides an individualized approach to post-secondary education and a unique opportunity for learning, discovering, and thriving in French.

*The Acadian community of Nova Scotia includes all individuals, organizations, and institutions working to encourage and develop the French language, the Francophone culture, and the Acadian and francophone communities in Nova Scotia (including Acadians, other francophones, anglophones, and allophones).


  • Students at the heart of our mission and actions
  • French language, Acadian culture, and Francophonie
  • Academic excellence (teaching, research and development)
  • Quality of life
  • Culture of success
  • Accountability and transparency
  • Environmentalism and sustainable development
  • Leadership
  • Open to both official-language communities in Canada
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Strategic partnerships

"Université Sainte-Anne is well-known not only for its excellent programs, but also for its convivial and safe environment, which makes it a unique institution."

Aldéa Landry

"My professional successes are in large part due to Université Sainte-Anne."

Claude Thibault
Chair, Board of Governors


Student Recruitment

Strategic Outcome

Université Sainte-Anne has 500 full-time students by September 2018.

Incremental Goals

  1. Increase the number of students by targeting our various client bases.
  2. Target the Halifax area specifically.
  3. Target new territories.
  4. Optimize the effect and impact of scholarships.

"Université Sainte-Anne taught me to love nature. Its tranquil environment made it an ideal place to study. I found what I was looking for here."

Laure Ines Abiyou
International Student

"Educational success, including student engagement and helping students realize their potential, is at the heart of our mission."

Kenneth Deveau

Student Success

Strategic Outcome

Université Sainte-Anne provides a college and university learning-environment that promotes the linguistic, academic, social, and professional success of its students.

Incremental Goals

  1. Establish an academically and socially inclusive and supportive structure for students.
  2. Guarantee a caring and safe living environment that is recognized for its family spirit at each of the institution's campuses.
  3. Develop student engagement.
  4. Enhance French-language learning support for students.
  5. Increase student mobility opportunities.
  6. Pursue initiatives intended to develop cross-curricular and applied skills (internships, cooperative education, assistantships, etc.).
  7. Develop new programs of study and innovative approaches and delivery models that meet student needs, as well as society's changing needs.
  8. Develop programs in partnership with other institutions, in particular at the college level.
  9. Ensure ongoing quality-improvement by emphasizing an individualized approach.
  10. Provide facilities and programming for quality cultural, recreational and sports activities.

Community Engagement

Strategic Outcome

Université Sainte-Anne fulfills the social, cultural, and economic role that it is meant to play in Nova Scotia's Acadian community, fully contributing to its vitality and enrichment.

Incremental Goals

  1. Sustain its cooperation with Acadian, francophone, and francophile community organizations in Nova Scotia.
  2. Mobilize and fully engage the institution's alumni.
  3. Turn Université Sainte-Anne into a leader in sustainable rural development and environmental preservation.
  4. Enhance its partnership with the Conseil scolaire acadien provincial (CSAP).
  5. Play a key role in the economic development of Acadian and francophone communities in Nova Scotia.
  6. Reinforce the institution's provincial character by optimizing the contribution of each of its campuses to the enrichment of its own region and to the entire Acadian community of Nova Scotia.

« L'Université Sainte-Anne is a key partner of the CSAP. »

Darrell Samson
Superintendent, CSAP

Brand Recognition

Strategic Outcome

Université Sainte-Anne has developed a brand that highlights its academic excellence (in teaching, research and development) and its unique and exceptional living environment.

Incremental Goals

  1. Increase efforts to promote the uniqueness of Université Sainte-Anne.
  2. Increase the institution's visibility and renew its brand, especially via new information and communication technology and social media.
  3. Develop a positive representation of the quality of the programs and training offered at Université Sainte-Anne.
  4. Solidify Université Sainte-Anne's reputation as a green university.
  5. Ensure ongoing communication and active promotion of the successes of Université Sainte-Anne as well as its students, professors, and alumni.
  6. Promote an enriching and fulfilling work environment.
  7. Value the aesthetic quality of its facilities.

A Culture of Excellence in Research and Development

Strategic Outcome

Université Sainte-Anne offers an environment that promotes the development of its research activities and its researchers (in all fields), and is a local, regional, national and international leader in Acadian Studies – a discipline based on a wide-ranging and inclusive vision. (Priority research areas include: 1) culture, heritage, literature, language, and identity; 2) rurality, economy, science, and the environment; 3) education, languages, and minorities.)

Incremental Goals

  1. Support research and the communication of knowledge by strengthening its research structures.
  2. Value research and the students' direct involvement in research activities.
  3. Develop partnerships in various research areas.
  4. Strengthen its connections with the community through research activities.
  5. Aim for excellence through the implementation of research chairs in priority research areas.

"Research is a determining factor in our institution's development."

Jimmy Thibeault
Chairholder of Canada Research Chair in Acadian and Francophone Studies


Our 2013–2018 strategic plan is the result of a great collective endeavour and was successful in engaging our university community and our partners in an ambitious project – building Université Sainte-Anne's future.

We would like to thank all those who contributed in many ways to this thinking process.

We are now tasked with turning our shared vision into reality. We therefore invite you to embrace the operational plan that has been developed in order to guide our actions in the next five years.

Together, we will achieve the goals that have been set out here.

"Our university must be anchored in its community."

Allister Surette
President and Vice-Chancellor

"Université Sainte-Anne is an essential partner for our organization."

Rebecca Lancaster
Executive Director, Canadian Parents for French (Nova Scotia)