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With over 220 million speakers, French is considered a language of the world! Other than English, it's the only language widely spoken and taught on all five continents.1

10 good reasons for learning French

“It was at Sainte-Anne that I discovered my love of the French language. Thanks to the program, professors, and my overall experience, I was able to attain numerous goals!”

- Jenn Jackson (2006)

In today's global economy, those who are bilingual can choose from a wider range of national and international jobs that require employees with second-language skills and cultural sensitivity. In the last 5 years, approximately 43% of canadian federal public service positions were bilingual.2

Public Service Commission of Canada 2015-2016 Annual Report

“To set myself apart, I enrolled in the French Immersion Program at Université Sainte-Anne. Not more than a month after my last class, I had a permanent contract in my home province.”

- Andrew Hines (2011)

Learning French can provide you with lifelong opportunities otherwise unavailable to unilingual people. You never know where life leads you - it's best to keep your options open.3

Stay in French! The benefits of continuing French language learning

French Immersion
The fastest way to learn French!

There are so many reasons why Université Sainte-Anne is reputed for having the best French Immersion program in Canada!

Since starting our immersion program in 1972, we've honed an expertise in teaching French as a Second Language, from our philosophy of learning-by-living, to the quality of our teaching.

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Integrated French Immersion Option
Earn a degree and learn French at the same time!

The Integrated French Immersion Option allows you to count French credits towards your degree and graduate with no delay. This option is available in most of our programs.

This Option is intended for students who already possess a certain level of proficiency (e.g. students with a B1-level DELF diploma and/or students who have taken French Immersion or Intensive French in high school) and who wish to perfect their French.

Perfect your French and earn a degree

French as a second language training
A more customized approach

Université Sainte-Anne will provide you with devoted teachers that will help you attain your objectives. Come take advantage of our comfortable, modern facilities, with access to computers and a fully equipped language laboratory.

From day and evening group sessions, to private one-on-one tutoring, our FSL programs allow you to learn French in your community (or online).

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