Churchpoint (NS),March 15, 1993 - Université Sainte-Anne: Raymond LeBlanc and Donald Savoie to receive honorary doctorate degrees.

Pointe-de-l’Église: Dr. Harley d’Entremont, president of Université Sainte-Anne, is pleased to announce the names of the honorary degree recipients for 1993. Raymond LeBlanc, former university president, and Donald Savoie, chairman of the Clément-Cormier Chair in Economic Development at Université de Moncton, will receive honorary doctorate degrees at the spring convocation which will take place on Saturday, May 1st. Mr. Savoie will be guest speaker at the ceremony to be held at the university gymnasium starting at 2:00pm.

Raymond LeBlanc

Born in Church Point, Raymond LeBlanc is an alumnus from Université Sainte-Anne. He studied theology at the Eudist Fathers Seminary in Charlesbourg, Québec, and at the Catholic University of Washington and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree at Saint Mary’s University in 1971.

His professional career started at Université Saint-Louis where he taught sciences and math and was vice-president. He was President of College (Université) Sainte-Anne between 1966 and 1970, having been vice-president in 1965-66, sciences and math professor and president of the Board of Advisors. Between 1971 and 1980, he taught these subjects at the Halifax West high School.

Mr. LeBlanc was also advisor of the French Section at the Department of Education, coordinator of the bursary program for summer schools and member of the Advisory Committee for the Acadian Schools.

He retired in 1988 after having taught at the French Shannon School in Dartmouth and prepared a study on the teaching of sciences for the Department of Education. He has since been and has translated a reference guide for parents of children with cancer at the IWK.

His volunteer activities include: member of the Francophone Catholic Community School Committee in Halifax-Dartmouth, member of the Francophone Catholic Community and recipient of the archdiocese merit award, member and vice-president of Université Sainte-Anne Alumni Association, member of the Acadian Federation of Nova Scotia, member of the Halifax-Dartmouth French Club, member of the Club Richelieu, member of the Baie Ste-Marie Acadian Historical Society, member of the Board of the Captain William Spry Community Center and of the Multi-Service Advisory Committee in Spryfield and member of the Mainland South Historical Society.

Married to Angèle d’Entremont, the couple has a son, Guy.

Donald Savoie

Doctor Donald Savoie holds diplomas in Economics and political Science from Université de Moncton, University of New-Brunswick, and Oxford. He is presently chairman of the Clément-Cormier chair in Economic Development at Université de Moncton since 1990 where he is teaching Administration. He already taught this subject there from 1983 to 1987.

He has a vast experience in the government as well as in the university fields. He was appointed assistant secretary to Corporate and Public Affairs at the Treasury Board (1987-88) of Canada and acted as associate director of the Canadian Management Center in Ottawa (1988-90). He has been a top-ranking civil servant at both federal and provincial governments. In 1983, he founded the Canadian Institute for Research on Regional Development and was its first general director.

Dr. Savoie has been called upon to participate in decision making processes and consultations for numerous different committees. He has been member of the Study Group on revenues and the Adaptation Plan for the Fishing Industry of the Atlantic (1992-93), member of the Management Committee on Prosperity (1991-92), member of the Advisory Committee on Foreign Trade (1991-93), member of the Economic Council of Canada (1990-92), member of the Editing Committee for «Public Administration of Canada» (1985-) and of «Optimum» (1991-), editor-in-chief of «Canadian Regional Sciences Review» (1984-87), Member of the National Executive Council of the Public Administration Institute of Canada in 1985 and 1990 and member of the Advisory Board of the Intergovernmental Relations Institute at Queen’s University (1983-87).

He has also been consultant for several governmental, departmental, and private organizations, particularly OCED, the World Bank. And the United Nations. He was asked by Prime Minister Brian Mulroney to study the efforts made by Federal Government to develop the economy in the Atlantic Region, a study which he undertook in 1986-87. He consulted several Atlantic Canadians on new possible measures for regional economic development. Following these consultants, he prepared report which led to the creation of ACOA.

Dr. Savoie has written several books dealing with public administration and regional development, as well as for important Canadian and international magazines.

He was appointed member of the Royal Society of Canada and Former Student of the year at Université de Moncton. His book entitled «The politics of Public Spending in Canada» won the Smiley prize in 1992.

Dr. Savoie is married to Linda Dempsey and the couple has two children.

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