Church Point (NS), December 13, 2021- Université Sainte-Anne is pleased to announce that Clint Bruce was awarded the Lois Roth Award for his book Afro-Creole Poetry in French from Louisiana’s Radical Civil War-Era Newspapers: A Bilingual Edition, published by the Historic New Orleans Collection.

The prize is awarded annually by the Modern Language Association for a translation into English of a literary work.

He will be presented with the prize on January 8, 2022, during the association’s annual convention, to be held in Washington, D.C. The selection committee’s citation for the winning translation reads:

Afro-Creole Poetry in French from Louisiana’s Radical Civil War-Era Newspapers is an extraordinary publication, combining archival research with remarkably accomplished translations. Clint Bruce brings to light a little-known tradition of political poetry by Afro-Creole poets of Louisiana—French-speaking poets of color—in radical Civil War–era newspapers, considerably enriching our understanding of America’s plurilingual past. The work offers new insight into connections among literary communities in the Caribbean, France, and Louisiana; moreover, it is a handsomely produced book, with annotations, illustrations, and a beautifully written historical and literary introduction. The poetry comes from a lyrical tradition that is no longer current, and Bruce does not attempt to modernize the language but rather responds to and echoes the political and poetic language of the original. Attentive to the complexities of form, he (re-)creates stirring and sensitive verse.  

Clint Bruce holds the Canada Research Chair in Acadian and Transnational Studies (CRÉAcT), is Director of the Observatoire Nord/Sud and assistant professor in the Department of Humanities at Université Sainte-Anne. Professor Bruce's research focuses on the evolution of the Acadian diaspora and Creole culture in Louisiana. He is also a research associate at the Center for Louisiana Studies at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and at the L.R. Wilson Institute of Canadian History at McMaster University.

The Modern Language Association of America and its over 23,000 members in 100 countries work to strengthen the study and teaching of languages and literature. The late Lois W. Roth worked for the United States Information Agency as an advocate for the use of literary study as a means of understanding foreign cultures.

The Modern Languages Association’s full press release (PDF) is available for download here.

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Only some of our news updates are published in English.

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