Church Point (NS), 16 December 2022 – Volleyball players Jacqueline Bright and Rachelle LeBlanc are not only a formidable team on the court, but also in the community. In addition to being part of the Dragons’ starting line-up, these veteran players stand out for both their confidence and their academic achievements.

Originally from Halifax, Jacqueline Bright chose to pursue her post-secondary education at Université Sainte-Anne to improve her French. She sought out the future options that bilingualism provides. A third-year Bachelor of Science student and winner of the CCAA National Scholars Award in 2021-22, she intends to pursue a career in health care.

Originally from Comeauville, Rachelle LeBlanc is a fourth year student in the Bachelor of Business Administration Co-op program and is currently completing an internship as the Municipality of Clare’s Assistant Recreation Manager. Recognized as a young woman leader by the Fédération des femmes acadiennes de la N.-É., she enjoys developing new ways to support local products.

Although as teenagers, Jacqueline and Rachelle played as part of the Volleyball Nova Scotia program, they never had the opportunity to play together. Instead, they were rivals across the net who faced each other during matches between their respective clubs, Tigers Volleyball Club and South West Fusion. They quickly put an end to the rivalry once they arrived at Université Sainte-Anne. Their deep friendship is the result of having spent many hours together at practices, on bus trips and at games.

Une joueuse de volley-ball attaque la balle lors d'un match.

Number 7, Rachelle LeBlanc, goes up for an attack while number 8, Jacqueline Bright, and the rest of her teammates come in for the cover. 

The past year has not been without its challenges, however. In August, the Dragons family was shaken by the death of Dan Nadeau, head coach of the women’s volleyball team at Université Sainte-Anne. He also coached the senior girls volleyball team at École secondaire de Clare and organized volleyball and golf camps for all ages.

“Dan brought me some of the best volleyball experiences I have ever known. He has taught me so much about not only volleyball, but also about life. He made me want to be the best version of myself.”

- Jacqueline Bright

Inspired by this experience and in an effort to give back to the youth that Dan loved so much, Jacqueline and Rachelle have stepped up to the plate as assistant coaches, working with Adrien Comeau, the head coach of the École secondaire de Clare senior girls volleyball team. They hope to inspire confidence in these young athletes, both on the court and in their personal lives.

“I have had excellent coaches over the years and I am so grateful for the time and energy they have devoted, which is why I want to give back as a coach.”

- Rachelle LeBlanc.

Jacqueline volunteers to give private lessons and draws on her experience as captain of the Dragons to encourage these young girls to invest in themselves, by acquiring new knowledge and skills.

For her part, Rachelle works with many young children during activities and events organized as part of her municipal government work. It is here that she offers them the opportunity to develop fully and to earn a sense of respect, self-esteem and belonging.

Whether it is in the classroom, on the court or in the community, Jacqueline and Rachelle plan to continue their involvement in order to grow as athletes and committed citizens. The knowledge and skills they have acquired will easily transfer to their future projects and careers.

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