Université Sainte-Anne honours Louis E. Deveau

Church Point, NS, October 23, 2014: On Saturday, October 18, 2014, an evening event took place to honour Louis E. Deveau.

Louis E. Deveau was born in 1931 in Salmon River, Nova Scotia. He completed a Bachelor of Arts degree at Université Sainte-Anne in 1953, then a Bachelor of Engineering at the Technical University of Nova Scotia (today Dalhousie University) in 1957. From 1961 to 1967 he worked for Fisheries and Oceans Canada where he was responsible for developing the shrimp and snow crab industries in the Maritimes. In 1967 Mr. Deveau began his career in the seaweed industry when he was recruited by Marine Colloids of Maine in the United States. He held several Canadian and international positions within the company before launching his own business called Acadian Seaplants Limited.

Louis E. Deveau et son épouse
Le Premier Ministre McNeill
Dévoilement du Centre de l'entrepreneuriat Louis-E-Deveau - Noel Desprès, Louis E. Deveau, Aldéa Landry et Allister Surette
Louis E. Deveau
Don majeur de Louis E. Deveau à l'Université Sainte-Anne
Le Centre de l'entrepreneuriat Louis-E-Deveau

In the beginning, Acadian Seaplants was a company that provided a single customer with a product of little added value. When the demand for the product started dropping, Louis Deveau realized the vulnerability of his business. He then led Acadian Seaplants to become a biotech export company which harvests, grows, and processes seaweed for various markets, including agricultural, animal feed, human nutrition, health and beauty, nutriceutical and brewery industries.

Today, Acadian Seaplants Limited is the largest independent seaweed business of its type in the world. It operates five processing plants and a research and development centre in the Atlantic provinces and Ireland. It has over 300 employees in eight countries (including 25 scientists, 10 of whom hold Ph.D.s), and provides seasonal jobs for more than 700 harvesters in coastal communities in the Maritimes and Ireland. Over 95 percent of its innovative seaweed-based products are exported to over 80 countries.

The company is focused on innovation and is recognized throughout the world as a superior technical leader in its various operations. Its investment in research and development is 5 to 10% of its revenue. The company is also unanimously hailed as a world-leading example in sustainable, environmentally respectful management of natural resources.

In addition to his professional activities, Mr. Deveau has remained devoted to his alma mater, where he was chancellor from 2006 to 2012. As noted by the current chancellor, Ms. Aldéa Landry, "when you are a friend of Louis's, you cannot avoid being a friend of Université Sainte-Anne, because his heart and mind are devoted to the institution!" In the presence of Premier Stephen McNeil and a gathering of distinguished guests, Ms. Landry also praised Louis E. Deveau for his determination, entrepreneurship, kindness, vision, and environmental awareness, which make him a unique personality. Ms. Landry then invited Mr. Allister Surette, President of Université Sainte-Anne, Noel Després, and Mr. Deveau to come to the stage for the unveiling of a picture of the building that will now be named after him: the Centre de l'entrepreneuriat Louis E. Deveau.

"I didn't have any vision that one day I would have my name on a building at Sainte-Anne. I am humbled by the fact that Sainte-Anne would be prepared to do that for me. It's an honour for me, for my wife, for my children, for my grandchildren and also for our employees," stated Mr. Deveau. He then announced that he was making a major donation to Université Sainte-Anne, and presented the first instalment to Mr. Allister Surette, President of Université Sainte-Anne. "An alumnus of Université Sainte-Anne, a visionary entrepreneur, and an individual who is proud of his Acadian roots and his native region of Clare, Mr. Louis E. Deveau has been contributing for many years to the development and outreach of his alma mater and his province," stated Mr. Surette. "Naming our centre of entrepreneurship after him is a way for us to express our profound gratitude."

This donation marks the official launch of Université Sainte-Anne's 2013–2018 Major Fundraising campaign. The Campaign, which is co-chaired by Louis E. Deveau and Noel Després (a Université Sainte-Anne alumnus and General Manager and C.O.O. of Comeau's Sea Foods Limited), has five goals:

  1. Student Recruitment
    • To increase the bursary fund.
    • To renovate residences and develop green residences.
    • To build a new campus in Halifax.
  2. Student Success
    • To renovate the gymnasium.To renovate the fitness facilities.
    • To purchase a new bus.
    • To implement a Student Learning Centre.
    • To modernize the Château.
  3. Community Engagement
    • To build scientific research and innovation facilities.
    • To develop the operations of the Marine Research Centre.
  4. Brand Recognition
    • To erect signage on Highway 101.
    • To celebrate the institution's 125th anniversary.
    • To set up an electronic sign at the entrance of the main campus.
    • To build a second biomass furnace.
    • To improve the swimming pool's energy efficiency.
  5. A Culture of Excellence in Research and Development
    • To establish a research chair in innovation and entrepreneurship.
    • To implement the "Lighthouse" project with an observatory.
    • To initiate the Centre of Multidisciplinary Acadian Studies and Research.

Of the $7M target for the campaign, $2.5M has already been raised, as indicated by the university president. "Mr. Louis E. Deveau's contribution is invaluable. It is a major donation which will enable our institution to continue to move forward," he concluded.

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