Antique map showing land owners in Clare
Antique map showing land owners in Clare

List of archival holdings

The Centre Acadien has a rich archival collection, encompassing textual documents, photographs, maps, sound and video recordings. These holdings are available to browse

Archives access and usage policy

(Effective date: September 1, 2023)

Access to the archives

Archives can be consulted onsite by appointment. To facilitate access, users are advised to communicate their needs by contacting the Centre acadien in advance. Consultation is limited to two archival boxes at a time. All users are required to read the consultation rules and leave an ID during the consultation.

While most documents are accessible, access restrictions may apply to documents deemed fragile or in poor condition. In such cases, the original documents will be consulted under the supervision of a staff member, or/and a digital copy will be provided. Our staff will inform users of any restrictions that are not included in the description. 

Consultation is free for individuals conducting their own research. A help service is also available to facilitate the use of resources and tools.

Rules for consulting archives

Only paper, pencils, computers and cell phones are allowed in the consultation area.

To ensure the preservation of documents, users are asked to :

  1. Wash their hands and/or wear the gloves provided.
  2. Handle documents with care.
  3. Do not modify archival documents (writing on them, folding them, removing staples, etc.).
  4. Do not place anything on the documents (arm, device, etc.).
  5. Do not remove any document from the consultation room.
  6. Consult one file at a time to preserve the order of the documents.

Ask for assistance if necessary

Reproduction of archives

All material held at the Centre Acadien may be reproduced, unless they are subject to specific restrictions: whether extant agreements between the Centre Acadien and other parties, confidentiality requirements, copyright, etc. Our staff will inform users of any restrictions on reproduction at the time of request.

Users are authorized to take photos without flash, free of charge. For use of photos taken, please consult the next section on the use of archives.   

All reproductions made by our staff are subject to the fees indicated in the fee guide. Copies will be stamped on the back with the mention "Copy".   

Use of the archive

The use of the archives is free for non-commercial purposes (education, private study, research), in accordance with Canada's Copyright Act.   

Any other use requires the payment of a fee and the authorization of the copyright holder or their assigns or, where applicable, the Centre Acadien.

For any use of archives, the user must clearly indicate the reference to the document cited or reproduced. All fees are set out in the fee guide below. 

Fee guide

Fees are subject to change. Payments can be made by credit card using a link provided by the Centre acadien, or by any of the usual means at the finance department of Université Sainte-Anne.

Research conducted by the user    Free
Introduction to tools (finding aids, devices)  Free
Research carried out for the user (personal or educational purposes) $35/h
Research carried out for the user (commercial purposes) $70/h
Photo (no flash) taken by the user Free
Scan: paper or image (1200 dpi)   $0.60/min.
Digitization: Audiovisual media (audio cassettes, VHS, other)   Not currently available
Rights of use (personal or educational) Free
Public Right of Use To be discussed