Antique map showing land owners in Clare
Antique map showing land owners in Clare
The Centre acadien no longer processes genealogical requests. However, its database is available online free of charge (see "Accessing the database").

About the Genealogy Database

In 2023, the Centre acadien decided to migrate its data to an online platform (WEBTREES). To make it accessible to anyone wishing to carry out genealogical research, the platform is available in French or in English.

Since 2024, The Centre acadien's genealogical database has been accessible online and free of charge. To access it, simply create a user account (see "Accessing the database").

The database contains the names of people from Acadian families of Baie Sainte-Marie and South-West Nova Scotia. It features 66 family trees by main surname (ALLAIN, AMIRAULT, BABIN, BASTARACHE, BELLIVEAU, etc.). The sources used to establish these trees come mainly from censuses and parish registers.

The database contains errors due to missing sources, errors on original registers or typing errors when entering data. We invite users of the database to notify us of any documented errors.

Accessing the database

To access and use the database, each person needs to create a user account by choosing a login and password.

Create an account

  1. Create your account by completing this form
  2. Validate your account using the link sent to your e-mail address (if you can’t find the link, please check your spam folder)
  3. Receive an e-mail confirming that your account has been approved (this may take up to several working days).
  4. Access the database with your login details (e-mail and password)
Please note that selecting the “Argon” theme will not display the full list of family names in the “Family trees” drop-down list.

Access the database

Searches in the database

Search in webtrees

1. Make sure you select the surname in "Family Trees" before making a search.
2. Then, you have two options:

  • Enter the person's full name in the search bar
  • In “Search”, choose either "General search" or "Advanced search" and type the person’s full name.

Generating descendant reports in webtrees

Select the "Descendants" report and choose 5 generations or less. Beyond that, the report will contain errors.

Starting a genealogy search

For anyone new to genealogy, we invite you to consult these online resources, which offer excellent advice:

  1. New York Public Library for information on the first step to genealogical research
  2. Government of Canada for resources and tips on how to begin your genealogy research

Also, in Acadian genealogy, the following works are considered references in the field:

  1. Genealogy Dictionary of Acadian families by Stephen A. White
  2. Genealogical Dictionary of French-Canadian Family by Cyprien Tanguay