Church Point (N.S.), September 1, 2021 – Université Sainte-Anne is pleased to announce the establishment of a Research Office, a new permanent and central research structure. This structure for research services has been set up in response to a 2020-2025 Strategic Research Plan objective.

Under the direction of the Vice-President, Academic and Research, Valérie Lalande, the inaugural Director of Research Services, has been organizing this office since she assumed her duties in July. Her contributions in this new role will support the dynamic research culture that exists on our campuses.

“ Research and creation, knowledge mobilization, and related activities constitute one of the university’s greatest areas of growth over the past decade. With this new office and the services it will provide to our researchers, we will be able to stay the course.”

- Kenneth Deveau, Vice-President, Academic and Research

Valérie holds a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and a master’s degree in molecular biology and has worked in academia and government in the field of applied research in collaboration with the industrial sector. Since her arrival at Université Sainte-Anne in 2015, she has developed several research projects in the biological sciences as part of the Laboratory for Innovation in Science and Industry and has established links with research networks in Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada. In her previous role as Industry Liaison Officer, she contributed to the implementation and success of major projects conducted in collaboration with the private sector and various government agencies.

“Université Sainte-Anne has a rich body of research, and the creation of the Research Office will bring together and centralize all the support services for researchers, as well as for students wishing to contribute to innovative research and creative projects.” 

- Valérie Lalande, Director of Research Services

Valérie will work closely with the university’s researchers, governments, community organizations and industry to provide a range of services for research and creation activities conducted with the institution. Among other things, she will provide support to funding application procedures for organizations, the development of research partnerships, and various outreach initiatives.

About Université Sainte-Anne

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Only some of our news updates are published in English.

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